By chris, 27 July, 2023

I was vegan for several years, and quite enjoyed the experience. Why did I stop? Well...sort of personal, don't you think? I may share at some point. Regardless, minimizing suffering of sentient creatures and environmental impact still weigh very heavily in my mind, so it's a "work in progress" at this time.

Anyway - there were a few things I really enjoyed:


By chris, 27 July, 2023

Is much more a pain in the ass than you'd expect - particularly if you want your user's to have some control over their instances without using ssh and terminal multiplexers.

Thankfully, I think my "client" can use ssh, so I just run the server directly in tmux.


OK - not really: this is just a stub. The site is newly revamped, as I test out a hosting platform on it.