Conquering Complex Problems With Easy To Use Solutions

Some projects that Chris Thompson has succesfully implemented:

Y-Debit (now known as Card360) [ASP.Net 2.0 w/C# + SQL Server 2005]

  • Sole individual responsible for the architecting and full lifecycle development of the initial releases of Saylent Technologies' flagship product: Y-Debit
  • Architected the core database system including an import system that integrates and analyzes millions of transactions per month
  • Created insanely-customizable filtering technology which was available throughout the system. Filtering supported features such as: inter-dependence for simpler maintanence, multiple types of query expressions, aggregate and row-level criteria selection, and much more. Table-driven system allowed easy expansion to include any number of transaction, account, or demographic-related information.
  • Implemented profitability calculation engine which allowed user to specify their own calculations based upon any filter-based criteria. Calulations could cross reference one another, and also be passed through multi-leveled tiering tables (e.g. 50% for less than 10 transactions per month/card, 100% thereafter).
  • Implemented the first iteration of the loyalty rewards calculation and cash/points balancing system
  • Sophisticated, dynamic web-based reporting tools

Advanced ATM Cash Forecasting System [VBA, MSAccess, Web, 3rd Party lib, SQL Server]

  • Integrated third-party system Forecast Pro into ATM Manager Pro for forecasting of cash needs at ATMs
  • Provided direct support to the largest ATM deployer in the world: Cardtronics
  • Supported multiple methods of performing forecast computation (via client application or queue generation which is handled by server-based system)
  • Provided customizable graphing of forecasting results
  • Provided day-by-day view of cash expected at ATM locations including projected fills, etc.

DBUpdate [VB6 + MSAccess]

  • Created developer and support personnel tools for performing database upgrades consistantly and reliably
  • Automatically determined which upgrades to apply. The system which made this determination was also customizable.
  • Supported upgrading multiple, inter-dependent databases simultaneously
  • Included clean, wizard-style user interface for configuring additional parameters during deployment, as well as password-protected override features.
  • Included SQL Query Analyzer-type interface for ad-hoc system investigation from client machines that did not have SQL tools installed. (Sub-product supported multiple-result sets in tabbed display, logging of executed queries, etc.)
  • Able to import .SQL files into upgrade configuration file
  • Multiple error handling options (e.g. fail-all, fail-version, ignore, on-error run sql, etc)
  • Handled automatic updates of configuration table contents
  • Many other advanced features for database deployment specialists including branching, the ability to integrate custom routines, and more.

ZDNet's Password Pro 32 (v3+) [VB6]

  • Password database system - primary interface much like a "details view" in explorer.
  • Supported launching applications/URLs for password entry
  • Included API to support Palm OS synchronization
  • Supported drag-n-drop to populate passwords
  • Minimize to system tray
  • Fully customizable: fields shown in list window, password generator, defaults

Native VBA XML Object Library (Parser<->Object Hierarchy)

  • Non-validating XML parser created a VB object hierarchy from XML source (and vice versa) - with absolutely no additional runtime requrements (no need for MSXML libraries).
  • Created to satistfy requirements for a project I implemented: I defined the XML specification (XSD) and created a user interface that allowed Banks, Armored Car Carriers, and ATM Deployers to communicate cash fill requests and delivery receipts with one another.
  • Handled XML well-formed document specifications: directives, elements, short-cut closing <eg />, etc.
  • Error reporting for incorrectly formatted files included last tag, unclosed tags, line and column #, etc.

Distributed Automation Job System [VB6]

  • Supported dynamic installation of multiple job types (virus scanning, unzipping, etc)
  • Supported configurable allocation of resources per worker
  • Database driven with Web administration interface

Contributor to CryptoSys

  • Provided guidance for high-performance encoding/decoding
  • Limited debugging